The Roundies

Welcome To Roundie Town

The Roundies is a creative IP art, web3 software, and casual gaming project building custom Solana-first web3 tools, NFT-enabled games, and community engagement tools!
Our lead developer SlowlyPoorly was on the MonkeDAO spotlight recently to talk about The Roundies. Listen below:


  • An art aesthetic & eclectic story-telling elements inspired by treasured 1950s/1960s media
  • Multiple collections of utility NFTs that allow holders access to participate in community engagement tools such as in-Discord games
  • Passive SPL Token rewards granted to holders of our main PFP collections:
    • Baby Roundies
    • The Roundies
  • A functioning game economy
  • Solana-first web3 utilities
  • Friendly, collaborative, and loyal community garnered by organic growth
  • A perpetual roadmap that aims to under-promise, and over-deliver
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