The Roundies

Roundie Families

Grouping Roundies NFTs into Roundie Families provides additional bonuses towards community rewards.
Community members can visit our website and group their Roundies, Baby Roundies, Roundie Teens, and Roundie Pets together in groups called "Roundie Families." When NFTs are part of a family for at least one week, they will be eligible for additional rewards bonuses on top of the rewards outlined in Passive Rewards System.
Roundie Families are non-custodial, which means you can still sell or transfer related NFTs at any time. See What happens if I sell or transfer one of my grouped NFTs?for important details about this situation.
The Roundies
+1 $ROUNDIE per week
Baby Roundies
+2 $ROUNDIE per week
Roundie Pets*
1 $ROUNDIE per week
*Roundie Pets are otherwise not eligible for bonuses.

How do I set up a family?

Visit the Families page on our website:​
Click "Establish a Family"
Select a Roundie NFT first
Select up to 4 additional NFTs from the picker
Click "save"
The system will auto-generate a family name, and your new family will be displayed on the "Roundie Families" page.

How do I swap out NFTs from a family?

This is not supported at this time. If you wish to alter the NFTs grouped together in a family, you will have to remove the family, and create a new family with the configuration you desire.

How do I remove a family?

Visit the Families page on our website: (Link coming soon)
Click the "open" button below the family you would like to remove
Click "delete family"
Click "confirm"

What happens if I sell or transfer one of my grouped NFTs?

If this happens your Roundie Family will be invalidated, and all Roundie NFTs in that family will be unlinked from the related family. You will no longer receive rewards for any NFTs in that family.
​Roundie Teens​