The Roundies

Benefits to Holders

Community, utility, fun, a piece of the action.
As a holder of our upcoming mint, you will be granted access to the following:
  • Access to all discord experiences & games (current and future)
  • Access to future Roundie Town mints and NFT releases
  • Access to all raffles for special edition Roundie NFTs and other Solana NFTs
  • Access to the Roundie Town Market and other future Solana tools
  • Access to the community votes and policy decisions*
  • Access to developer tools and support. Interested in any of our games or utilities? Holders get priority access*
*Priority access: We will evaluate your ask and may (depending on the complexity of your ask) provide you with source code, help you get set up, and otherwise advise you on your journey building your own project. We want to help you succeed!
*Policy decisions: We want the community to help set the direction the project proceeds in. The Roundies team desires to stay active and involved.