The Roundies

The Detector

This strange device attracts all sorts of strange creatures!
Players can "use" a Detector (part of the Roundie Gear NFT collection) using Discord slash commands in the Old House or Creepy Clearing Discord channels.
Players have a random chance to roll a good or bad outcome. A good outcome awards $ROUNDIE prizes, a poor outcome initiates the Insane role assignment that blocks access to other games until the role expires.
However, having the Insane role will help players avoid other adverse consequences from other games (Fox Cop, Excited Bear, the Swamp Ogre, and the Deceptively Cute Gator). When players have the Insane role, these outcomes carry a chance of awarding additional $ROUNDIE.
The Insane role expires after a period of time, or can be removed using the Insane In the Round Brain card (part of the Roundie Cards NFT collection).