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Dialect Wallet Registration

The Roundies provides utility along with our Dialect sticker pack NFTs.
Dialect is a web3 messaging platform with NFT integration. The Roundies has their own Dialect sticker pack, and you can use your stickers inside of our Discord. You can add your Dialect wallets on the Your Profile page on our website to enable support.
You must already have a registered SOL wallet address (via our website) to use this feature OR if you have exported your Dialect wallet to a common Solana wallet app (such as Phantom Wallet), you may register that wallet with our verification system on our verification page.
This requires you to already be a member of our Discord.

Registering your Dialect wallet

  1. 1.
    Get your Dialect wallet address from your Dialect profile, in the Dialect mobile app:
Your Dialect profile
Copy the wallet address
  1. 2.
    Paste your Dialect wallet into the Dialect Wallet box on the Your Profile page on
There is a form field on your profile that accepts your Dialect wallet
  1. 3.
    Visit the Roundies Discord, and use the slash command /my-wallet snapshot or wait for the next automated wallet snapshot (about every 4 hours).