The Roundies
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These are some questions newcomers often ask about when they first join The Roundies!

How do I get cards?

  • Ask in 🤹|swap-meet if anyone has any extras
  • Ask a Neighborhood Watch member for a General Store mint pass
  • Buy some on Magic Eden with SOL, or on the Market with $ROUNDIE
  • Win some in the Wishing Well or during the daily giveaway in 🎁|roundies-giveaways

How do I gain $ROUNDIE?

There are a lot of ways!
  • Vote in the 🏛|court-house (it rewards $ROUNDIE)
  • Get someone with a "This old house" card to take you to the 🪦|old-mansion (there's treasure you can find)
  • If you can acquire a Get Well card, playing it on players with the Inpatient role have a chance to award you with $ROUNDIE
  • If you buy/find/catch two boots and a swamp rod, you can fish in 🐊|the-swamp (there's a certain green fella that'll sometimes ask you to take a break and reward you with coins)
  • You can win general store mint passes/cards/items from the daily giveaway in 🎁|roundies-giveaways and get cards from the general store market for around 25 $ROUNDIE