The Roundies

Day Care

For Baby Roundies holders.
If you're a parent (a Roundie parent, that is), you want to make sure your wee baby is well fed, and has plenty of time to play!
Use the Baby Bottle in the Daycare channel to feed your baby, use the Baby Blocks to make sure your baby has a fun time too, and you'll end up with a happy baby of at least 8 happiness, granting you 2 additional $ROUNDIE on your weekly staking reward!
Make sure you check on your baby now and again, its sleepiness wears off after 1 Roundie Day (about 4 human hours), and it's happiness starts to degrade after 1 Roundie Week (about 1 human day).
See: Roundie Time for more info on Roundie NFTs and how they are tied to Solana Blockchain time.