The Roundies

Hunting License

A personalized Fox Hunt, just for you! Be careful out there, in the Deep Wilds!
Players can "play" a Hunting License card (part of the Roundie Cards NFT collection) using Discord slash commands.
Upon playing, holders are assigned a special role that unlocks the Deep Wilds channel category. There are multiple possible outcomes after playing the Hunting License:
  1. 1.
    A fox (IE: an graphic of a fox with a Discord button) appears in a Discord channel via automated processes. Only the player who played the card may attempt to catch the fox. Players have a number of chances to catch the fox. After each attempt (the click of a button) the fox will disappear, and re-appear in another channel.
  2. 2.
    The player has a chance to be visited by the Roundie Town Wizard in lieu of a fox.
Players can win $ROUNDIE or NFTs that are auto-airdropped to the winner.
Players can also experience adverse consequences through role assignments that block access to other games until the role expires. Roles are related to being jailed, in the hospital, insane, etc.