The Roundies

The Swamp

This is a play-as-much-as-you want twist on the Fishing License! Drop your line into the swamp, catch some gross stuff or some nice stuff to accrue points!
Players can "use" a Swamp Rod item (part of the Roundie Gear NFT collection) using Discord slash commands in The Swamp Discord channel.
Players have a random chance to score points based on the items caught. These points enter them into a weekly drawing for special/limited edition Roundies NFT prizes.
Players can also:
  • Experience adverse consequences through role assignments that block access to other games until the role expires. Roles are related to being jailed, in the hospital, insane, etc.
  • Run into a "swamp ogre" who pays them $ROUNDIE to leave the swamp. Their swamp rod(s) will be on cooldown for 15 minutes with this outcome.